Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day! #sol15

I am from Texas. This means I am definitely not a snow expert. When snow hits Texas, usually once or twice a year, EVERYTHING shuts down: schools, churches, stores, you name it. I know anyone from 'up North' would laugh at us and our paranoia of driving in the snow. While sitting at home this morning doing exactly what I advised others to do in my post yesterday (snuggle with my youngest), I was certainly grateful for our snow day. I spent time in the moment with all 3 of my own kids and enjoyed every minute of it! This impromptu mental health day has helped to recharge my nearly drained battery. I am looking forward to returning to school tomorrow and hearing my students share about their snow day and how they spent it. I think we will take some time to read our Good Fit books  and write about the joy of a surprise snow day!

I hope your day has been a blessing to you!

Tara Reed


  1. My sister lives in Tennessee and they "shut down" too. So glad you were able to spend some time with your kids and recharge. That is so important.

  2. I love that you got some awesome time with your babies! I am looking forward to time with my kiddos, too!!

    Enjoy your day!!

  3. The snowman looks wonderful! I live in Michigan where we get snow regularly yet my relatives and friends in Finland laugh at me when I mention that we had another snow day or it was too cold to go to school!

  4. A recharged battery is the the best part of a snow day. I know you cherished every moment you had with your three precious kiddos. Their snowman picture captures the beautiful love of a family!

  5. Glad that you got to appreciate the day and improve your mental health, especially the bonus time with your own kiddos.