Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Does anyone else struggle with time? It is an albatross around my neck. I wake up early every morning thinking today will be the day I have plenty of time, but not so! As soon as I am dressed and ready to head out the door each morning (kinder kiddo in tow), I feel behind. So many days lately I don't really feel ready to start my day when the bell rings , even though I have been at school since 7:00osh! By the time the school day ends, I'm usually positive I am out of time and my work is far from complete. Nighttime is no better. I read with Brody at night, get him in the bath and ready for bed, then I'm whipped! I glance at my school bag full of papers to grade or give feedback and decide tomorrow will be a new day and I'll try harder. But I do try hard. It is a very frustrating and draining cycle in which I find myself. I must admit I'm not a fan. Anyone who claims to know me well knows that I can be somewhat disorganized 😁, but I gave up apologizing for that a long time ago.  I just need to figure out how to get through the day without feeling like I've lost time, especially precious time with my family.


Tara Reed