Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 1: Texas Independence Day

Today, March 2nd, is Texas Independence Day. If you aren't from Texas, you may not understand the level of allegiance a Texan has to the Lone Star State. :) I thought I would start off this month long challenge listing reasons I love living in Texas.
  1. We are the largest state in the continguous US. That is, I believe, why everyone learns early that everything is bigger in Texas. I love that anyone in the US can easily pick out Texas on a map due to our unique and awesome shape.
  2. We won our independence from Mexico in 1836 and became our own independent nation, The Republic of Texas, at that time and remained independent until 1845. Independence is a cornerstone of my state and flows through the blood of all Texans.
  3. We make the best music. George Strait, Pat Green, Willie Nelson, and Beyonce all call Texas home. Do I need to say more?
  4. Texas is the home of Tex-Mex, the most amazing food you could ever eat. 
  5. Memphis may be known for their barbecue, but Texas barbecue is from another planet! Stop in at any local barbecue joint, you'll see what I mean.
  6. I love that I grew up in small town Texas. Roscoe, to be exact. Small towns in Texas are pretty amazing! 
  7. It totally rocks that in Texas we teach our kids Texas history not just once in 4th grade, but again in 7th grade, just in case they didn't get it down the first time. 
  8. I just recently learned that not all states have their own pledge that their kiddos learn early and say in the morning following the US pledge. Why not???
  9. Texas is the home of Texas Tech University, the center of the universe.
  10. Travel anywhere in the world, and when you say you are from Texas, they are immediately ready to start up a conversation about your ranch/horse/farm/cowboy hat that not all of us happen to own. The awesome thing about this is that the old west gunslinger, trailblazer persona is synonymous with Texas.