Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Roger the gerbil - Day 25

Roger the gerbil has been my class pet for 4 years. Over that time, he has seen lots of great kids come and go. Unfortunately, Roger died right before spring break. It was a sad time for the kiddos in the Reed Group. Each year, my zookeeper takes his/her job very seriously. They realize the importance of being the one in charge of feeding Roger and making sure he has water. This job is in high demand at the beginning of the year. This year my zoopkeeper has been a sweet boy named John Mark. He even had the honor of taking Roger home with him over Christmas break! As you may remember, we have been studying poetry for a couple of weeks, and the kids have been writing their own poems too! John Mark wrote a poem about Roger. Coincidentally, it was the day before Roger died.  I wanted to share John Mark's tribute to Roger. I think it shows how loving and observant these kids are.


I love Roger the little fuzzy ball.
He doesn't seem to mind that I'm here at all.
He always seems to have a hatred for his wheel
And for some strange reason he has a particular squeal.

He always moves his bedding and all
But hates it when his food level falls.
He is picky when he eats his food
But it makes him have a very good mood.

I am so thankful to have this reminder of Roger and his quirks. It seems ironic that this particular poem came the day before we said goodbye to our old friend.

Tara Reed


  1. A sweet tribute to the gerbil! I wouldn't be surprised if someone gifts you with a new gerbil after spring break.

  2. That poem is adorable! I think Judith Viorst had a book about a pet dying- something like "The Tenth Good Thing About Barney"....maybe it would help your class grieve. SO sorry!

  3. The lesson of death is tough. How great that John Mark was able to write the poem before he had the emotions of loss mixed with his fond memories. I was surprised that you have one student do the job for the entire year. I would think the demand would allow for rotation and lots of students to enjoy being zookeeper.

  4. Oh, I adore this poem!!! What a wonderful tribute to Roger! I'm surprised you haven't had someone walk in with a new pet, yet!!!

  5. Stop Mandy and Becky! I am out of the pet business for a while!!!!