Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inspiration and the Wobble - Day 24

Inspiration is my word for today. I am lacking inspiration. I trolled through blogs of my friends looking for a spark. While I enjoyed spending time reading their words, I just couldn't find my own. So I went through my normal routine. Did anything funny or interesting happen today at school? Not really. It was a pretty typical day. Was there a moment that stood out at home? Not unless I counted a trip to Mr. Frosty's. :) Then it hit me. I want to talk about one of my students. For the sake of the world wide web, I will call him Parker. Every single day Parker comes bebopping down the hall grinning and giggling before the morning bell rings. He runs the last few steps to fall into my outstretched arms for a good morning hug. His expectations for the day are simple: It will be awesome! I happened to catch a moment today when Parker was just doing his thing. He doesn't really enjoy having to sit in his seat all day, so there are times when the music in his body overtakes him and he has to get it out. Today did not disappoint. He was inspired! As I looked his way, he began to embark upon a breakdance that would rival that of Usher himself. As he bopped and grooved, it was apparent that he was in his element. When I was pretty sure it couldn't get any better, Mr. Parker did the Wobble! If only I had been holding my camera! Once the moment passed, he went on about his business like nothing every happened. This small moment made my day. One of the most endearing qualities about this sweet boy is that no matter what the  day holds, good, bad, or indifferent, it doesn't dampen his expectation for the next day. He just assumes that I mean it when I say that every day is a clean slate. He is pretty secure that I will care for him no matter what happens, and if not, he will Shake it Off (pun intended). Oddly enough, there are lots of days that Parker is my inspiration. Today was one of those days!

Tara Reed


  1. I love that you shared Parker with us!!! I am inspired by his expectation to have a good day!!!

  2. Hmmm. Off to try and find video of the Wobble to get a visual of 'Parker'.