Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I hate the internet! #sol15

So... it is no secret that I am no technology wizard; however, I hate the internet. First of all, I was unable to blog yesterday due to the fact that our internet service here in my fair city was out. How can the whole internet connection for all of Corinth be out? I find that hard to believe. That, however, is what they said when I went on my phone and tried to figure out the problem. Today, the internet is fixed (again, how can ALL of the internet not work yesterday?). Now, my problem is that I can't work my Satellite tablet/computer/laptop dream piece of equipment... What happened to the days of paper and pencil? At least with paper and pencil, there was no, "Oops, the whole internet is out" or "Sorry, you are not capable of using your laptop". I am not a totally incompetent adult. I have a career, raise 3 children and a husband, manage a home, and maintain a thin layer of sanity while doing these tasks.

My friend, Mandy, teases me and my problem with technology. I just figured out Google docs last year, and it is still mystifying. The Cloud?? Don't even get me started. I am not allowed to talk about it in front of my teenage daughter. She has threatened to throw out any Apple products I own if I don't figure out how to use them properly. I guess my point is, why must everything be so difficult? I want simple. I just want something that works when it is supposed to work and work like it is meant to work. I really don't think that is asking too much. Do you?

Thanks for reading my rant. Sorry for the negativity, but I give up! (not really, I'll be here tomorrow with a new attitude!)

Tara Reed


  1. I would comment, but my pencil broke and I don't have a sharpener. :)

  2. We had similar outage problems across the bridge. Technology can be seriously frustrating. Your rant made me smile.