Sunday, March 15, 2015

Anniversaries #sol15

Do you believe in second chances? I do! If it weren't for second chances, my husband, Scotty, and I would not have shared 12 years of marriage as of today. Sometimes it seems untrue to say we have been together for 12 years. Our story goes all the way back to two young teens learning how to care for someone other than themselves, only to be separated by all that life has to offer. Fast forward 20 years, and we were married :). There are so many reasons I am thankful for Scotty. He chose to spend his life with me and Tripp and Bre, and for that I am eternally thankful. Without him, we wouldn't have Brody who has added so much joy to our already crazy family. One of the main reasons I am thankful for Scotty, however, is that he reminds me to have fun. Sometimes I can take life (and myself) way too seriously. Everyone needs to make good choices, do well in school, be a good friend, be respectful, and so on. Scotty is the one who is there to lighten the mood and remind me that life is meant to enjoy and not always worry so much about the 'rules'!  I am a firm believer that God has a plan for each one of us. I think Scotty and I being married and having a family was God's plan, we just chose to ignore it for a really long time. Happy anniversary, Scotty!!

Tara Reed 


  1. Happy anniversary Tara! The amazing twists and turns offered on this journey keep things interesting. Scotty is lucky to have you as his wife, and I wish you both a lifetime full of joy, connection, and love. I enjoyed reading this blog because you can tell how much you adore your husband.

  2. Great tribute to love and fun! I also am so thankful for second chances and we will be a few months behind you in getting to twelve years. Thank God for both of our families and God's goodness!