Friday, March 20, 2015

Day 20!! Car trips and memories #sol15

I remember as a child loving to go on trips. My dad would drive us, and I could just sit back and enjoy the ride (or ask every 10 minutes how much farther we had to go). Now things are different...very very different. Today Bre (my 16 year old) and I hit the road for Houston. We started our 200+ mile trip with smiles and laughter. Once we were near Houston, I felt like we would never get there! I just didn't think I could finish the journey. Sharing my day with my daughter, however, was priceless. I know we don't have many of these times left before she is technically grown and Scotty and I are once again packing up one of our babies and waving goodbye.  We committed this year to spending a large part of the summer taking Bre to tournaments around the country. This was a goal of hers (remember her tenacity from yesterday's post?) and we are excited to watch her play on this big stage. Tomorrow is the beginning of a fabulous season of basketball and memories. I'll take a 6 hour car trip (supposed to be 4 1/2) to see her smile and watch her follow her dreams. Go DFW Elite (her Nike team for the summer)!!


  1. Perspective is everything! You are supporting your daughter and that is wonderful. Car trips can be tedious but how precious that you got to spend time with her!

  2. Awesome that you can help make her dreams reality. Did you ask her, "Are we there yet?" are you approached Houston? ;)