Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My silly dog

Last week we had quite a scare at the Reed household. Our English bulldog, Dezzy, was missing. The worst part is that my 7 year old left the gate open, and he felt horrible that the dog was gone. It was a very stressful few hours for our family. We have some amazing friends and neighbors, however, who were willing to get out there and help us look for her. I have to say that social media isn't always my favorite thing, but it sure did come in handy on that night! Anyhoo... after getting a sad little boy to sleep, I prayed what I felt was a pretty insignificant prayer, just let someone ring the doorbell and have our puppy. About 9:30 the doorbell rang. What! When I went to answer it, there was my neighbor with our sweet Dezzy. What! Apparently Dezzy somehow managed to get inside of their house as they were leaving without them seeing her. When they got home from dinner, there sat our girl INSIDE their house happy as a lark. We had some very happy kiddos the next morning!

Just a reminder to never forget... God is good all the time.


Tara Reed


  1. So funny to have her found INSIDE someone else's house. Glad there was a happy ending. (And I am sure a life lesson learned about checking to see if things are closed.)

  2. ALL the TIME!!! I love sweet Dezzy!!! I am so thankful!!!