Friday, March 18, 2016

I'll do better!

How easy it is to become distracted. I admit I have been hit and miss this year with my Slice of Life blog. I have had excellent intentions. I really love reflecting in this way and I truly love looking back each day to what I wrote last year. Some of what I wrote wasn't half bad! So I am recommitting for this last half of the month. I will do better. I want to have this reflective piece of me so I will have that thread of who I am and what I hold dear right now and have the opportunity to see what changes or stays the same. Blogging rocks whether or not anyone reads it!!

Tara Reed


  1. It's so hard to stick with doing one more "extra" thing in the day! I'm glad you've recommitted!

  2. Hi, Tara! I am in the same boat as you--writing daily is hard to commit to. I'm hoping to write everyday for the rest of the month, but I also realize that any writing is good writing and I should focus my energy on making it happen rather than feeling guilty for not doing it. For some reason guilt makes me feel like I shouldn't do anything rather than motivating me to try harder. I'm spending the rest of the month working on that tendency.

    Good luck to you as a writer!

  3. It does serve two purposes, doesn't it. Both as a record of our lives and as a work in progress of our writing. Then there is the bonus of connections around the world. Keep writing and sharing!